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Business Interruption

Estimating the loss of income caused by unexpected events in the oil downstream sector requires
strong understanding of refining and petrochemicals economics. Competencies that can be deployed
for a comprehensive assessment of losses include: thorough understanding of refining margins,
optimization drivers, planning processes, commercial arrangements, operations and process

Strategic Advice

Strong understanding of the business environment in the long term is connected with technical
competence. This allows understanding how specific trends may challenge specific assets or create
opportunity. This is then converted into coherent advice, where investment strategies can be
grounded in the technical realities of existing assets.


Training in refining economics with duration of up to 40 hours. It can be used as a starting platform
to develop shorter and/or bespoke training programs focus on specific aspects of refining.

Crude Oil Marketing

Thorough refinery models provide accurate estimates of the refining value of crude oils. These can
be used to track, explain and forecast crude price differentials. Strong knowledge of the global
refining industry and its planning drivers is a core competence for the understanding and the ability
to analyse many aspects that are relevant to crude oil trade patterns and crude oil marketing.

Project Analysis

Technical competence, ability to make price forecasts, ability to conduct market analysis and models
to make Class V estimates of project costs can be used to deliver feasibility studies at project
inception. Strong grasp of project economics can be deployed to support project development.

Price Forecasts

Refinery benchmark models and a price database are used to track the economics of different types
of refineries with a range of crude oils, as well as the marginal economics of all of the most common
refinery process units. These models are use to produce margin forecasts, based on expected long
term fundamentals.

Expert Witness

Support to disputes and litigation on matters that are strictly related to core expertise. This includes
refining margins, business environment, crude and product prices, project analysis. The other
sections under Our Services provide a better definition of the expertise that can be availed to